"President Obama said today that we should probably think about putting some women on our money."

- New York Magazine

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Never was much of a romantic
I could never take the intimacy
And I know I did damage
Cause the look in your eyes is killing me
I guess you’ve got another advantage
Cause you could blame me for everything
And I don’t know how I’ma manage
If one day you just up and leave

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pleated skirt (NAVY)


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 Rihanna - Diamonds (Acoustic)


handsdown the best version of diamonds ever yep nothing compares

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" I want to forget everything you told me. I want to wash away how uncertain you made me. How scared I was of losing you. How I lost you anyway. I don’t want to know how your hands feel or what makes you smile. I don’t want to see you in photos, familiar like a dream I had once or a book I never finished. I don’t want to speak about you in snippets or think about how I behaved. Or know that I still think about it. Or know that you’re not just a lamp or a blade of grass, indistinguishable from the rest. "
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Girls Get Busy #22 is finally finished and available online for free HERE

Featuring: Chanelle Adams, Kani Anifowoshi, Monika Ardila, Braudie Blais-Billie, Liz Bowen, Carlin Brown, Dana Burns, Alexandra Bussiere, Emily Smit-Dicks, Maggie Dunlap, Monika Forsberg, Forty Elephants Mob, Mariah Friere, Charlotte Gaffney, Miriam Galea, Emma Gruner, Caitlin Hazell, Hinni Huttunen, Jazmin Jones, Melissa Jones, India K, Aisling Keavey, Olivia Lawler, Lora Li, Maja Malou Lyse, Moira MacLean-Wideman, Nelly Matorina, Ilenia Madelaire, Melissa McElhose, Carol-Anne McFarlane, Madeleine Meunier, Pema Monaghan, Aditi Nagrath, Nuie, Katie Honan Pellico, Laurence Philomene, The Phoney Club, Christina Poku, Rhea Ramakrishnan, Louise Reimer, Leyla Grace Reynolds, Cornelia Van Rijswijk, Elisha Van Rijswijk, Nyssa Sharp, Hannah Siegfied, Beth Siveyer, Nandi La Sophia, Christina Svenson, Elis Talis, Rhian Thoms, Andrea Tirrell, Barbora Togel, Alexandra Urbina, Lin VanderVliet, Emily J. Wang, Haley Winkle

📖 🎨 📖

Curated by Beth Siveyer. Cover art by Nyssa Sharp

Girls Get Busy is a feminist creative platform that supports artists, writers and musicians.

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Vent Anomaly, Daniel Arsham, 2006.

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One of my pages for  Home Zine !
such a great project and i am so glad to be involved in something with so many dear friends x

(im not sure if it is clear but its supposed to be a hand drawn map on the back of a reciept hehe)

A little sneak peak at one of the pages for HOME by the lovely Maddy Young!

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Rene Magritte (Belgian: 1898-1967), Secret Life IV, 1928. Oil on canvas.

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Houses of the Holy, Markus Brunetti

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This is a cute cat

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" I want to say more, but don’t know what the words are supposed to be. I feel such a tenderness for these vulnerable nighttime conversations, the way words take a different shape in the air when there’s no light in the room. "
by Every Day (David Levithan)

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" I don’t look at you in public
because it makes everyone blush.
I think this is called passion; I think
this is why birds sing in the morning.
Something about the way sun feels
on closed eyelids and the way dew
drips like satisfied sweat. We are
intolerant to distance. We are loud
when we’re quiet in the same room,
like two notes played a semitone
apart and how they create that third
awful noise. We hold each other
just to stop it. We kiss for relief.
by anne, heat (via anneisrestless)

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